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June 28, 2022, 01:49:59 pm
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Video Games / Re: Video Game SFX Quiz
« Last post by Kitchen Staff on Today at 11:04:03 am »
I got 18/60. :drat:
I don't play many of the more "Mainstream" games though so that might be why.
For me personally, I want Medical Wedding by Masa Works Design to be found, because the 10 second clip that has been found of it sounds amazing and I want to hear the full version.
Life on the Web / I feel shy about web revival
« Last post by Icelogist on Today at 10:27:23 am »
I have always been quite shy about web revival since it feels like I am a "Black sheep" compared to everyone that I know of making pointless Twitter drama. So I end up not telling anyone about it. If I where to tell a few friends about it, they might look at me weirdly even if some of them might be interested.

And a lot of the sites that are in the web revival community kinda feel "child-ish" (Not to offend anyone) which only makes me less confident in the entire concept to mention it.

It's also possible that I might just be overreacting and should just ignore my shyness.
I definitely feel you on some of this. My advice, as someone in basically the same scenario, is this: don't dwell on how much "better" things were in the past.

In the past, the Internet was the wild west, and that came with a lot of good things: everything was personal and almost nothing was for-profit, there was little advertising, most sites felt unique, etc. Don't get me wrong here - if I didn't appreciate and value those aspects of the old web, I probably wouldn't be on this forum, or even Neocities in general.

But with that being said, the old west had a lot of gunfights too. On the old Internet, it was very easy to be totally anonymous (which was a good thing in a lot of ways!), and there was very little connection from the Internet to real life in most cases. That, combined with just changing culture in general, meant that you could get a lot of pretty nasty insults and terms being thrown around casually. Of course, that depended on where exactly you went, and that's still the case now, but I think in general a lot of parts of the Internet are less tolerant of a lot of stuff that you don't particularly wanna see when you're browsing than they used to be.

It's also undeniable that the technology has advanced since then (though maybe not as much as it could have if designs weren't so standardized). Lots of the stuff that creative new websites do would be impossible on the older web - some of MelonKing's stuff in particular stands out as an example!

While yes, the general culture of the old Internet was better in a lot of ways than the modern Internet, the facts are we live in the modern day, and there's no way to turn back time. While most of the Internet is more corporatized and more standardized than before, the web-revival movement exists and is pretty active, Neocities exists, and there's still a ton of cool stuff out there, some of which couldn't even exist before; you just have to look.

It's best not to dwell on the past, and rather to embrace all the good things about living in the present - and focus on how we can build a better future.
Life on the Web / I miss the old internet-but I never experienced it.
« Last post by syx on Today at 05:11:07 am »
I know that this has probably been said so many times in these small communities of old-web lovers, but, I'm here to agree with them on the opinion of how they miss the old Internet. I really only remember the pre-Google YouTube. 4-year-old me would go on my Grandma's Windows Vista and binge-watch My Little Pony YTPs and Slideshow Edits, along with going on PBS Kids and NickJr. I never got to experience Geocities or MSN or AOL. I'm the first generation who has grown up with Technology but I never experienced the Internet, and what you could have done with it. Having your own corner of the Web, see who you are. I feel left out. I feel like a Black Sheep. Now I'm scrounging for revival sites trying to fill that void in me who wanted to experience that beautiful web you all talk about through memories and stories.  :C  :C
Music Room / YouTube AMVs of the 00s !!
« Last post by Melooon on Today at 02:29:34 am »
Why do we not have a topic about this! I had an inexplicable obsession with Mew Mew AMVs when I was about 14 and I was looking back at them recently (and archiving a few of my favourites).

Did you make them? They always seemed like so much work to me I was super impressed by anyone who could do them!
Do you have any favourites?

(Also fun fact I er.. sold this video as an in-game item on a game called Whirled and it was really popular! Sorry video creator from 14 years ago!)

I also loved this channel by meworeo.. their last video is a preview and I remember it was 9 months old when I first found it, and I e-mailed the channel owner asking when it would be out and im still waiting for a reply!!

Website Making / Re: Pages & sites with sound
« Last post by MamboGator on Today at 12:53:58 am »
In the olden days, back before browsers had tabs and we'd typically only have one website open at a time, I liked having background music. It was a cool feature that added to the immersion, especially on sites that used Flash or Shockwave. But with so much multitasking going on these days, I'm thankful that browsers now show you which tabs are making noise and let you mute them with one click.
Website Making / Re: What do you use to code websites?
« Last post by MamboGator on Today at 12:50:18 am »
i make mine with Visual Studio Code and a bunch of extensions, as well as Eleventy (static site generator).

I use VSCode as well. It has actually become the standard tool where I work. There's a lot of love for Atom here, but I found it a bit slow in comparison.

In the before-fore-times, I used Notepad and Notepad++.

You must be a masochist  ;D

I had to use Emacs in my C++ programming course, but it was not a pleasant experience.
Chat & Forum Games / Re: School and dreams
« Last post by MamboGator on Today at 12:43:42 am »
I have dreams that take place at 3 out of the 5 schools I attended. Often I'll be visiting my old elementary school for some reason, then wandering around the town.

My dreams set in my high school are the most common ones where I'll end up lucid dreaming. Something about that setting just makes my brain realize I'm dreaming, and then I get to take the reigns for a bit until I wake up.

My college dreams are the worst. They always involve terrible roommates, or riding the elevator but it's tilting and twisting the whole way up and then when I get to the top the floor is missing.
General Interests / Re: Comics!
« Last post by MamboGator on Today at 12:37:43 am »
I read a lot of comics as a kid. Mostly the Sonic the Hedgehog series ran by Archie Comics, but I also have a few scattered Spider-Man issues, a couple of Ren & Stimpy comics, and one old TMNT comic where they were in space and there was a giant cow head that was also a flying saucer? I was mostly into the TMNT movies and cartoon series, so I decided the comics were too weird for me after that.

I have tried to get back into comics a few times as an adult. I picked up the first volume of Ultimate X-Men because I liked the idea of a series starting fresh from the beginning so you didn't have decades of backstory to catch up on, but eventually the Ultimate universe reached the same problem. Ongoing series are just too hard for me to keep up with, so now I mostly just pick up the odd graphic novel or mini-series here and there.

The last couple that I read were the "Thrillkiller"/"Thrillkiller '62" Batgirl miniseries and "We Hate Tank Girl."
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