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June 28, 2022, 02:06:23 pm
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Author Topic: xX Welcome to the Forum & Rules Xx  (Read 1842 times)
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« on: November 14, 2021, 03:04:05 pm »

Hello Web Traveler! WeLCOmE To ThE FoRuM!

You've had the good fortune of reaching the MelonLand Forum  ;D

This is a community for people interested in low tech & homebrew virtual worlds and websites. These include 3D games, virtual pets, multiplayer worlds, 2D games, text adventures, audio adventures, point and click websites and any other kind of digital space where the focus is on exploration, storytelling or adventure.

Why though?
In general the world today just seems boring; the web is overly corporate and profit focused, games companies just keep remaking the same games. There was something magical about early digital toys, tamagotchi and neopets and weird interfaces like Microsoft Bob. They were imperfect but that's what gave them character.

Today we have AMAZING tools, like Three.js and Unity, so you don't need to be a big company anymore to make cool virtual things. Yet so often people feel stuck into molds about how things should look or be done. Id like this forum to be an act of defiance, to be a place that people can gather and do things differently, not because its bettor or worse, but just because they can be.

Can I make my OWN virtual world?!?!
Yes noble pal, yes you can! I hope you will! Here you will find a growing number of tutorials and guides, examples and help. No matter what you're skill level is you can make your own virtual world!  ;)

Rules, Etiquette and Guidelines
I feel quite strongly that world making should be a safe and fun hobby, with that in mind here are a few points:

  • Please keep the forum casual but on point and post things in the appropriate sections.
  • Be respectful to others, appreciate their differences and opinions.
  • Please do not post anything illegal, explicit or unpleasant, aka things that you would not show to your mum.
  • Please do not harass or pester any member, generally be pleasant and think before posting.
  • Avoid posting memes or other junk content that does not add to the discussion.
  • Topics relating to internet drama and chans; or topics that create forum drama may be removed!
  • Remember this is a forum not a chat room! Posts should be a full sentence or more, avoid short posts!

If you feel someone is behaving badly on the forum or are unhappy with a situation, please PM/DM me or another mod right away!

What should I do now!!??
If you want to see some virtual worlds, visit the showcase or click one of the world portals at the top of the page!
When you are ready to try making worlds head over to one of the tutorial sections for help and guides!

There are also sections for more social discussion of games, art, music, the wider internet and webdesign in general, feel free to post your work and be sure to leave some nice replies on other peoples work!

AND if you are new to web forums, you may want to take a look at this short guide.
Finally you can introduce yourself and read about other members here!

I also send out a newsletter once a month with cool links, melonland updates and some of my favorate forum threads, if you like you can subscribe to it here!

Pick a new forum theme
The forum is in dark mode high-contrast by default, there is also a light mode low-contrast made by Cinni, you can switch to it by selecting "Look & Layout" on your profile page!

Set default style for your posts
You can now set default font/colour/size for your posts!
Go to Profile/Look & Layout, set your style at the bottom of the page and click change profile at the top of the page!

Forum Discord Server
For those of you who like to chat on Discord, the forum also has a small discord server. Join Here!
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