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August 13, 2022, 05:15:21 pm
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Greetings and Introductions / Re: Nice to meet you!
« on: May 04, 2022, 04:37:50 am »
Hi Awawa!!

I love your neocities page, it's so bright and playful! I really related to your diary entry about trying to slow things down... I'm so addicted to distraction nowadays, sometimes I can hardly make myself food without putting on a podcast or a youtube video first. I've also been trying to force myself to take it slow more often, making time for reading and taking breaks from using my wireless headphones... basically just not letting myself beam media into my brain the entire day.

Greetings and Introductions / Re: Hi Hi!!!!
« on: May 02, 2022, 08:08:30 pm »
Oh I LOVE your site. The layout of your half is really nice, and Billy's side is so cute! It really encourages me to work more on my site ^^;

I like how you have a section in your resource directory for gardening/farming! I'm terrible at taking care of plants myself, I'm always in awe of folks who keep gardens and houseplants.

Ooh hell yeah! I love the article on virtual pets! They were a huge part of my childhood and I continue to be fascinated by them to this day lol

Art & 3D / Re: making a game character in blender
« on: April 26, 2022, 05:08:51 pm »
Ooh this is really cool! It's especially nice that you included your inputs like when you're selecting specific tools. I'll definitely reference this in my own Blender journey!

Music Room / Re: what are you listening to right now?
« on: April 26, 2022, 12:29:43 am »

Can never go wrong with Sufjan, this song is one of my favourites.

Greetings and Introductions / Re: Greetings and salutations!
« on: April 26, 2022, 12:19:46 am »

I'm also just journeying into this world of independent websites, it's a fun space!!! I'm very excited to see what your site looks like! (Especially if it has pages about RGU or Homestuck, I love both of those things too!)

Nice to meet you!  :4u:

Greetings and Introductions / Re: Nice to meet you all!
« on: April 24, 2022, 02:44:59 pm »
your art for both games looks really pretty. I can't wait to see what you put on your website :D

Thank you!!  :-*

Your site is really stylish btw! I love it! I haven't explored all of it yet, but I like the quote section in your scrapbook. I also tend to collect quotes from things I like, so maybe I'll put some of them on my site somewhere too! I also love you including zines thru the EZMReader, I was aware of that tool but never thought to embed it in my website.

Greetings and Introductions / Re: Nice to meet you all!
« on: April 23, 2022, 08:07:45 pm »
Ah yes the mirror glitch is quite common >.< If you're curious someone made a video on youtube going thru both of the endings:

Ooh yes I've actually been looking into 3D modelling because I want to make cute lil low-poly models of fish... I just think they're so cute!! I would love to make a game that focuses on marine life. Hmm for inspirations... video-game wise We Know The Devil (https://pillowfight.itch.io/we-know-the-devil) is my #1 for sure. I was 17 when it came out and it really was earth-shattering stuff for teenage me growing up as a closeted lesbian in a Baptist household. Other games I really love are Night in The Woods, Disco Elysium, and NieR: Automata. For comics I'm really inspired by the work of Michael DeForge, Inio Asano, and Emily Carroll. Also a billion little webcomics I read as a teen lol (Homestuck, Paranatural, Prague Race, etc.) Also anime of course (Revolutionary Girl Utena, Hunter x Hunter, Perfect Blue, The Tatami Galaxy, Kaiba, etc.) I tend to be drawn to stories with a lot of introspection! Especially ones that deal with religion/faith and queer themes. I've also been really into body horror lately.

Anime & Movies & TV / Re: Old French Animated Sci-fi Movies
« on: April 23, 2022, 03:14:12 pm »
These look so cool! I'll definitely watch these later, thanks for sharing them here!

Greetings and Introductions / Nice to meet you all!
« on: April 23, 2022, 08:28:47 am »
Hello!!  \o/

You can call me either Daro or Alannah. I'm an artist who makes comics and video games! I've been wanting to try making a neocities site to host a sort of art blog - both as an archive of my art and as a diary of thoughts and explorations I'm making! No social media sites I've found really do what I want when it comes to archiving my work outside of my portfolio, so I figure why not make what I want? Hmm as for other interests... I'm pretty into fishkeeping! Right now I only have one tank set up - a 10 gallon betta tank - but I also just started setting up a new 25 gallon I want to put honey gouramis and otocinclus in!

I found this forum while exploring around other neocities sites. I don't know much about programming other than a little bit of basic html taught to me in high school, so I'm excited to learn! I'm also excited to see what everyone else is up to here, since it seems like there are a lot of other people who make games! (I've participated in 2 game jams so far as an artist, you can see the resulting games here: https://wodaro.itch.io/)

Delighted to make your acquaintance!  :4u:

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