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November 29, 2021, 06:54:07 pm
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Showcase & Links / 99GIF shop
« Last post by cinni on Today at 08:21:54 am »

welcome to da...
please come in, take a look at our catalogue...

new site alert! the ❦99GIF shop is now open ;D

this idea started out as a joke between me n my bf for an nft parody, and thus 99gifshop was born lol. it's a shop only by name, think of it as a digital prada marfa! to purchase please right click > save to your hearts content :-p
Video Games / Re: Oo Animal Crossing Towns oO - Share your town!
« Last post by Melooon on Today at 01:10:36 am »
Town Name: Loy Island
Town Fruit: Pear
Dream code: DA-8344-1243-8844
Timezone and Region: GMT/Ireland - US Region (I got my switch in new york)

Town Map:

Pictures and town lore:
Loy is MOSTLY a nature reserve and recreation island, I try and keep it as natural as possible, that said with the recent update there has been land allocated to farming!
Loy Features a number of unique attractions including!

  • The Loy Opera
  • Loop Walkway
  • Fun Land Amusement Park, stay away, its a scam!
  • Millennium Park
  • Wilderness National Park
  • The big frillin pointless bit in the middle

The main room of my house... with Shep! (Note the poster of the 18th century cooking guy is also the town flag)

Fun Land...

2021 New Year Party!

High culture at the Loy opera (I promise there was an audience)

How Loy became rich $$$

The Iron Steps - this marked the completion of the Loop Walkway

Extra info and looking for:
Hmmmm, I don't really need much, although if you want to donate art to the museum I sure need that! Feel free to PM me if you want to exchange friend codes.
Video Games / Oo Animal Crossing Towns oO - Share your town!
« Last post by Melooon on Today at 12:42:36 am »

Animal crossing post! Share your town here! Also feel free to list any items you are looking for, or services your town offers.
I'm mostly making this for New Horizons, however if you play an older version that you'd like to share you can do that too!

=== Example Post ===
Town Name:
Town Fruit:
Timezone and Region:
Town Map:
Pictures and town lore:
Extra info and looking for:

Music Room / Re: Melon's Song of the day!!!
« Last post by Melooon on November 28, 2021, 08:28:04 pm »
#12 28/11/2021 - Jelly Roll Morton - The Crave

3D Worlds & Modeling / Re: ♡-->★彡 jade's wurld ・゚✧ ★彡
« Last post by Melooon on November 28, 2021, 08:23:31 pm »
Thank you for this VAST reply! And don't worry about delays answering, the joy of a forum is that time is not important, posts can be days or weeks or YEARS apart and its all fine.

Also thank you for the video, now I just need to learn Blender to make more sense of it :P It answers my biggest overall question which was, is it raw poly editing, and it is!

I don't have many more big questions, it sounds like a really good project and everything you say makes sense. I think people will prob respond to it really well, although you've got a lot of work to add in all the stuff you talk about. Not doing multiplayer is a good plan, I think you've got enough here, although a multi town would be cool too!

I suppose the last and worst question is! How long to you think its going to take? ;D
Annnd assuming you're answer is multiple months to years, I know the kind of issues I run into with big projects, and I assume others here run into these issues too. How do you handle doing large/long projects without losing interest? Do you get overwhelmed by ideas/tasks that need doing? And if so how do you manage that?
3D Worlds & Modeling / Re: Ozwomps Voyage - Playable edition development journal!
« Last post by Melooon on November 28, 2021, 08:02:17 pm »
Updates of the day, started work on audio and game feel. and OH BOY, its pretty without sound, but when you get the sound just right  ;D

For reference, the entire soundtrack will be made up of songs by Siddhartha Corsus https://freemusicarchive.org/music/Siddhartha a lot of them are a bit new agey, but when you pick out the ones that work, it really sparkles!

Hoping to be done in the next week, although I might be away for a few days which would delay things.
Tutorials & Questions / Re: Melon's Simple X3D World Tutorial
« Last post by Melooon on November 28, 2021, 12:01:50 pm »
I really like the colour set you used on this, and it also loads super fast. As soon as I saw this was like "OH I wanna do my landing page in X3D now" but looking at your updates, it looks like Neocities cant screenshot X3D worlds (anymore)? which kinda spoils that plan  :(

The neocities point is weird because mine used to screenshot:

I'll update the tutorial to clarify those appearance editing and tag points, lemmy know if you run into any other issues!
Tutorials & Questions / Re: Melon's Simple X3D World Tutorial
« Last post by cinni on November 28, 2021, 02:41:14 am »
i've been meaning to try out x3d for a while now! instead of doing actual work (lol) i've been messing around with this - but i seem to be a bit stuck on adding textures on the models... i tried copying your git repo, and looked @ the official documentation, but not sure what i'm doing or not doing..haha. any ideas? https://cinni.net/games/yesterweb/

EDIT: nevermind! i figured it out haha. firstly i didn't realize you couldn't edit the appearance of an inline tag in html and that i had to edit the 3xd model in notepad lol. not sure why the image texture didn't intially export, though. also i read another tutorial and saw they used separate closing tags, not self closing.. so i think that seemed to do it for the shapes!

Music Room / Re: Melon's Song of the day!!!
« Last post by Melooon on November 28, 2021, 12:25:56 am »
#11 27/11/2021 - Eels - I Like Birds

Thank you all for the incredibly thoughtful responses! This is a lot of solid food for thought. Also I have to say...it is reassuring to know that breaking links is kind of universal on Neocities LOL... The visual examples are also very helpful, it is encouraging to know that hey! Sometimes things are going to look complicated, even with a system in place.

Right now my pages are all standalones with a similar format/template -- mostly out of laziness, I have been copying the navbar onto every single page I build, but that is something I do want to change up ASAP. I am definitely torn between frames and javascript; I've seen a lot of really good arguments in favor for both. Currently very slightly leaning towards frames, but I think I would like to poke around at js at some point just for the heck of it. That said, I am sure the frames vs javascript debate is a whole topic of its own XD

Based on all of y'all's responses, it sounds like subfolders for additional pages sounds like something I will definitely have to try out! As far as personal web design philosophy (lol) goes, I've always been drawn towards the idea of "getting lost in cyberspace" for hours on end, so being able to tunnel further and further through a series of twisting and winding pages is very appealing and important to me. In that regard, while I am only currently at the (very few) dozens of pages count, I do think I want to try be more organized down the line if I keep designing in this manner.

If anyone else has thoughts I would love to hear them whenever! But for the time being, again, thanks all for the really great responses.

[EDIT: Also lol, so thrilled I was with these messsages I forgot I did want to respond to a small bit of what you mentioned, @Melooon: forums are very near and dear to me, especially as someone who isn't so savvy with keeping up with virtual chatrooms these days, so I'm rootin for this place to take off!
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